Why Buying Tires Of The Proper Size Is So Important

As you probably already know, it's generally pretty easy to figure out what size tires your vehicle is supposed to have. You can often find this information printed on the door of your vehicle, on the side of your tires and in your vehicle's manual. However, you might know people who have purchased tires of a different size than what is recommended for their vehicles.  Some people prefer larger, wider tires or some people just buy the tires that they can find for a good price, or that might be available when they are purchasing tires for their cars. Read More 

Tips For Tweaking Your Ride

You may not own an old-time muscle car, but that doesn't mean you don't want the best performance you can get out of the vehicle you already have. Even older car owners can benefit from making the occasional tweak here and there. Improving your car's power, cutting down on emissions -- these are all good things easily achieved with a little fine-tuning. To get the optimal performance from the car you currently own, consider making the following changes: Read More 

3 Reasons To Consider Paintless Dent Repair After A Hailstorm

If you know that there's a possibility of hail, the best thing that you can do is park your car under cover, because hail can cause hundreds of dollars in damages to your vehicle. But sometimes hailstorms spring up suddenly and there's just no chance to get your car undercover. If you're looking at a high repair bill to fix the dents and dings, you may want to consider paintless dent repair. Read More