3 Reasons To Consider Paintless Dent Repair After A Hailstorm

If you know that there's a possibility of hail, the best thing that you can do is park your car under cover, because hail can cause hundreds of dollars in damages to your vehicle. But sometimes hailstorms spring up suddenly and there's just no chance to get your car undercover. If you're looking at a high repair bill to fix the dents and dings, you may want to consider paintless dent repair. As long as the paint over the dents hasn't actually been cracked, there are some real benefits to choosing paintless dent repair over traditional dent repair options from professionals like The Dent Guy.

It's Faster

If you know anything about auto body work, you have a good idea of what goes into the process of fixing even a minor dent. The paint is first sanded off, then the metal has to be banged back into shape and filled in with metal putty. Once that's done, the area has to be sanded again, then primed, sprayed with base paint, and painted to match the original color of the car before finishing.

By contrast, paintless dent repair usually just involves removing the panel that contains the dented area, using a light tool to push the metal back into place, and then replacing the panel. Because there's no sanding, puttying, and painting, it's a much faster process. Both regular auto body shops and paintless dent repair shops are often busy and backed up after a hailstorm in the local area, but you stand a much better chance of getting your car back quickly if you opt for paintless dent repair.

It's Cheaper

Because it takes less labor, less time, and fewer materials for paintless dent repair than it does for traditional dent repair, the costs are lower and it pays off for you in the form of lower repair bills. A paintless dent repair service can fix your dents for as little as a third of what the body shop charges. If you only carry the minimum amount of car insurance and you know that your policy won't pay to get the dents out of your car, those lower costs can be a deciding factor in choosing to go with paintless dent repair over traditional dent repair.

However, even if your insurance will pay for your dent repair, you may want to consider paintless dent repair anyway. If you're getting an insurance discount for not having had any claims on your insurance, you may save more money by paying for the paintless dent repair out of pocket and maintaining your no-claims status. This is especially true if the paintless dent repair costs less than your deductible amount.

It's Greener

If you try to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into your daily life, this is as good a chance as any to choose a greener option. With paintless dent repair, the professionals fixing your car aren't releasing paint fumes into the air, or using aerosol spray paint cans that may cause damage to the ozone layer. Paintless dent removal can sometimes even save panels that would otherwise need to be removed and replaced, resulting in one less item in the landfill.

The paintless dent removal process uses less materials overall, which saves energy and resources. It may also save you the task of having to have your whole car repainted because the dent removal paint job doesn't quite match.

Paintless dent repair isn't appropriate for every dent. Dents that are located in the corner of a panel, very deep dents, and dents that involve cracked or chipped paint are not good candidates for paintless dent removal. If you're not sure whether the dents in your car can be fixed by paintless dent removal, visit a paintless dent repair shop for inspection before you bring it to the body shop.