A Monthly RV Park Is A Good Option When You Want Long Term Accommodations

If you visit the same area when you go on vacation, you may want to look into a monthly RV park. This could be more convenient and less expensive than moving from park to park. You may even want to stay in a monthly RV park temporarily when you're moving or when you go south for several months over the winter. Here's what you should look into.

The Length Of Stay Requirements

Some places may let you pay month-by-month. However, during the busy season, you may need to commit to a minimum stay, such as three to six months. This might be necessary if you go to a warm location in the winter. Committing to a longer term is a good idea when parks are crowded and spaces are hard to find. However, you may be expected to pay the whole amount upfront.

There might also be a maximum amount of time you can stay. You might want to live in the park all year, but there could be a maximum limit, and if so, you'll have to leave for a while and then come back when you're allowed to.

The Amenities

The amenities are definitely worth looking into when you'll be staying at a place for a few months. Amenities vary by park, so you'll want to ask what's available or look at the park's website. If the lowest price is the most important thing, you may want a park that has very few amenities so you can save money.

However, if you like to have a nice pool and recreational activities available, then you'll pay more, but it will be worth it if you like to stay active. Also, if you want to stay in a luxury monthly RV park, you might need to get on a waiting list since these are often booked up in advance in places where snowbirds stay for the winter.

Nearby Activities

An RV park that's close to a major attraction or national park will probably cost more and be more difficult to get into than a park that's in a more remote location. Decide if you want quick access to things to do or if you're content with staying in your RV most of the time. If television and internet access are available, you may not need to leave the park frequently for entertainment.

Since RV travel is so popular with retirees and young families, RV parks can fill up fast. Always plan to book a monthly RV park rental well in advance since popular parks could be booked a year or more ahead of time. If you find a park you love and that's convenient for the things you like to do, you may even want to book your own reservations a year in advance so you'll always have a home away from home you can head to for the winter warmth or summer fun. 

For more info about monthly RV park stays, contact a local company.