4 Options For A Vehicle Mounted Bike Rack

Do you need to transport bicycles with your car but are not sure which one is the best kind for you? If so, it will help to know what your options are.

Trailer Hitch Bike Rack

If you have a trailer hitch on your vehicle, the easiest bike rack to install is a trailer hitch–style bike rack. As the name implies, these connect to the trailer hitch in a matter of minutes, can be easily removed, and can support the weight of many bikes at the same time. It's perfect for a family that is taking bikes to a bike trail far away or going on vacation where you are taking your bikes. 

Roof-Mount Bike Rack

You also have the option for a roof-mounted bike rack. There are several advantages to this style of rack since there are different variations that will work for your needs. If you have a tandem bicycle, you'll want a roof mount bike rack because it can support the long length of the bike along the length of your vehicle, something that may not be possible with other bike racks. 

Roof-mounted bike racks also have the option of mounting bikes a couple of ways. You can remove the front tire and secure the frame directly to the rack, or keep the tire on the bike to ensure that the frame never touches the rack. A rack that keeps the tire attached can make it easy to quickly unmount the bike and get riding. 

Trunk-Mount Bike Rack

The biggest advantage of a trunk mount bike rack is that it is secured in place by attaching it to the truck and closing the trunk so that it is completely latched. There is no need to permanently attach it to your vehicle since it can easily be removed when it's not being used. Make sure you select the right size for your needs since a trunk-mounted bike rack is going to hold a specific amount of bikes. You won't be able to take a third bike with you if you only purchased a rack that fits two bikes.

Flatbed-Mounted Bike Racks

Own a flatbed truck? Then you may be interested in a bike rack that allows you to store the bikes securely in the flatbed. There are options that allow the bike to remain completely upright in the bed of the truck, and options that go over the gate and have the bike partially in the flatbed. The latter option is great if you are concerned about losing storage space in the flatbed. 

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