In The Red? How To Use Your Car To Wrangle Up Some Quick Cash

Is there too much month at the end of the money? Maybe you had some extra expenses, and now the rent is due and you're wondering where that money is going to come from. Or maybe you have something fun planned, like a birthday dinner out with your sweetie, and you need some cash to pay for it. No matter why you need extra dough, here are some ways that you might be able to put your car to work for you, allowing you to wrangle up some extra money on short notice.

Get a Title Loan

If you own your car, you can trade in your title for a loan. When you pay off the loan, you get your title back. Title loans are typically high-interest loans, and they're not usually the best choice for people who have other options. If you need money in a pinch, though, and you're sure you can pay it back when it's due, then a title loan might be a decent way for you to gather up some cash quickly.

Sell Your Old Car

Do you have a vehicle that is just sitting in your driveway or yard? Or do you live in an area where you can take public transportation or otherwise survive without a vehicle? Selling your car to a place like U Pick U Save might put a few thousand dollars in your pocket, depending on how old the car is, what kind of condition it's in, and so on.

Placing an ad in the newspaper or on an online bulletin board is one way to sell your car, but a more surefire method would be to contact a used car buyer. You might find an ad on a telephone pole or online that says, "We buy used cars." Or you can type those words into your favorite search engine along with the name of your city, and see what comes up. Check out the value of your car ahead of time so you will know if an offer made is fair for both parties.

Turn Your Car Into an Ad

There are companies who will pay for you to advertise their business. Particularly if you drive around a lot to different areas, local businesses might be more than happy to pay you to stick a magnet or a car-wrap on your vehicle. It costs you nothing, and it's a nice way to make some pocket money.

If car-wrap companies aren't interested in your services because you don't drive around enough, appeal to smaller businesses in your area. You can charge them enough to cover having a car magnet made at a sign shop and have yourself a nice little side business.

Provide Transportation

If you have some time on your hands (and adequate insurance), you might be able to make some quick cash by providing rides to those who need them. If it's the beginning of the school year, leave your name and contact information at school offices; parents who are looking to set up carpools might call you to drive their kids home or to their after-school daycare centers.

You can also leave your information at doctors' offices, the library and area nursing homes. Any of these facilities might have patrons or residents who would be happy to hire you to give them a ride. It might be worth your while to be fingerprinted and have a background check run on yourself at your town's police station; you can then copy the report and distribute it to those who ask to see it.

If you have a vehicle, there are several ways that you might be able to use it to make some extra cash. If you are charging individuals or small businesses for your services, be sure to take into consideration the price of gasoline as well as any wear and tear you are likely to inflict on your car. Also, call your automobile insurance company to inquire as to whether you need to take out a bigger policy. Cover your bases, and you can use your money for whatever you'd like.